Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Reevaluation time

Poker is whatever. Right now I don't care. My experience at 200NL can basically be summed up by saying: "I came, I saw, and I failed miserably." Ok, maybe that's harsh, as I am still up like $80 or so from the few thousand hands I have at 200NL, but right now I don't feel like my bankroll (or I psychologically) can whether the swings of dropping $600 (which I know is just 3 buy-ins, which is nothing) in a night.

New game plan: I'm taking the rest of the week and weekend off (the only poker I'm gonna play is my SSNL HU tourney round 2 match versus EC10) and starting Monday I'm getting back on that horse and am gonna grind. Back to 100NL, 1000 hands a day, no slipping from that goal. If I do miss that objective on any day I give all of you permission to come over to my house and kick me in the nuts. That gives me three good, solid weeks of grinding before I leave it all for a bit so I can move to York and get all of that settled down. I won't make any strict monetary goals, but at 5 PTBB/100 30k hands would be $3000, which would be a very pleasant bonus.

I'm also going to slightly revamp my game. I'm going to tighten up a bit and just focus on playing super solid. I've done a lot of thinking lately about my game (mostly thanks to Jamougha, stoxtrader and Pokey) and there are some new things I'm going to try out, see how they work. But for the most part, it's tight, solid, aggressive, no FPS poker.

Secondary goals are to post more hands on 2p2 and spend time thinking more about the hands I respond to. I'm going to try and employ a quality over quantity approach. Yesterday I did some analysis of a common turn situation by myself and I really liked what I could come up with as soon as I gave it some real thought. I'm also going to talk on AIM and all that.

As a recap of this disjointed and long post:

- The ultimate goal: Get better at poker
- How to get there: Play 1k hands per day minimum
- How to get there #2: Post, think, talk, analyse, examine


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